Teacher Training

IMMERSION 1 begins October 2015! Go to "Itinerary" for details!

LIFE YOGA Teacher Training is an intensive 600+ hour program, which focuses on the integration of the scientific teachings and spiritual ideologies of the classic schools of yoga, quantum physics and causal energy; as well as the related fields of kinesiology physical therapy, manual bodywork, chiropractic, and various movement modalities. With an emphasis on Life Yoga’s expansion theories and “thinking out of the box“ of one’s own perceptions  of teaching modalities and techniques, this training is designed to broaden the scope of thought and experience of the teacher, healer, or practitioner.

LIFE YOGA teacher training does not train teachers to teach in specific “style” of yoga. While the training is deeply rooted in the practical scientific and spiritual knowledge of quantum physics, buddhism, human anatomy, breath, nervous system, and LIFEYOGA Breath and Energy Transfer Techniques; the overall goal of the training is to provide teachers and practitioners with the framework of knowledge base, expansive thought processes, and "ways  of being" in yoga that allows them to develop, constantly expand, and transform their individualized teaching style. LIFEYOGA Teacher Training allows for the integration of the philosophies of the present schools of yoga and other modalities, and encourages creative "problem solving" and the application of yogic practices into everyday life.

The teachings of LIFE YOGA inspire teacher candidates with the information, tools, and thought processes necessary for them to constantly grow and adapt to their students' changing needs; especially those with therapeutic issues. The training provides teachers with the neccessary skills  to make mindful, positive choices appropriate to the present teaching situation at hand. Because conscious mindful choices require intentions of integrity and informed decision making, the LIFE YOGA training is quite comprehensive  and extensive, and the certification program rigorous. 

This training includes broad perspective intensive study of anatomy and kinesiology, breath and energy transfer, asana, pranayama, therapeutics, and comparative studies in yogic and related philosophies, expansion theory, history, and religion.  Although the training may at times be quite challenging, LIFE YOGA students are fully supported in their growth process, and nurtured in a safe environment of integrity, love, and creativity. Students are encouraged to recognize and expand upon their individual gifts as teachers, develop them, and manifest them out in the world. The training is given 8 six day intensive modules that are scheduled over a two year time period. This allows students to absorb, integrate, and practice the information delivered. Students may take the courses simply for the information given, or, they may choose the certification track, which requires extra study and assessment.