Meet Lynne Gardner

As far back as I can remember, my life’s process has been Expansion, Intention, Manifestation of Energy in to Being. Let me explain.      At age ten, quite unaware, I fell off the cliff of my childhood disability and into Read More

LIFEYOGA Philosophy

LIFEYOGA merges traditional yogic philosophy with the science of expansion theory, creating a dynamic integrative practice that thrives in constant expansion and soulful manifestation.  LIFEYOGA is a practice: a Read More

Teacher Training

LIFE YOGA Teacher Training is an intensive 600+ hour program, which focuses on the integration of the teachings and ideologies of the classic schools of yoga, as well as the related fields of physical therapy. Read More

Insideout Transformation

NOW AVAILABLE! Get Your Copy Of The LIFEYOGA MANIFESTO 'Insideout Transformations" ***while supplies last*** Read More